Develop a multi-tool device. Multi-tool should fulfill the company’s product range.


Project 111. A company which specialization is corporate gifts.


Multi-tool is a present at corporate events or celebrations. Customer’s logo is placed on a gift, so the present is branded. It  is essential to make an universal symbol. This object should be associated with wide variety of companies.



Plastic injection molding.



After making a brief design research I started a sketch storm. Here it is:

Approved sketch


The main idea was selected after the sketching process was completed.  To start with I made a clay model. I made a scale model in order to understand what it felt like. However I had to make sure that the idea was viable. It seemed to be right.  So the next step was a prototype.


Based on the clay model I made a 3D model.  

I placed a small bit set inside of the “Man”. One hand was for work, another for holder. Both legs were for storage. 


Three bits are an essential set for assembly of most varieties of furniture - IKEA for instance. There are: flat-blade, Phillips screwdriver and hex-bit. Then we started to test prototype heavily. I assembled all new IKEA furniture in our new office using it. Prototype worked well. As the result it was clear that the idea was functional, so we moved the project for manufacturing. 



Order presents to

company’s employees

Present on a corporate party

A company has an anniversary

Place a logo.

Custumize the present

The “Man” is manufactured by plastic injection molding. The part is formed with one mould. Holes for bits’ placement mould with moving parts. Material is colored. Usually it is hard to find a perfect body on the streets, so I decided to make it more real: it has a small paunch and raised back, like a real man. One bit nozzle is placed in each limb. There are 3 bits total.


- flat-blade

- Phillips screwdriver

- hex head


Customer’s personalization was the most essential part at this project. As a gift this object had to be associated with a wide variety of companies. The potential of customization is illustrated here. The logos are manufactured by pad printing. Material is colored. Wide graphics can be placed for further customization. Here is an example: YIT, blue colored tool.